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Wedding Cake 3.5g Bag


Collie Culture original design Wedding Cake Strain mylar foil bag with clear-view window.

  • Clear-view window/Mylar foil
  • Zipper seal
  • Smell proof, food grade materials.
  • Heat-sealable
  • Tamper-proof
  • Tear notch
  • Expandable bottom
  • Fits: 3.5g(1/8th) of cannabis flower.
  • Size: 90 x 130mm(3.54″ x 5.12″)

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a cannabis strain by many names but commonly referred to as Pink Cookies, Birthday Cake, or Triangle Mint #23. Whatever you choose to call it, one thing that is consistent is the love this strain receives from the industry. Wedding Cake is an Indica-hybrid strain that crosses Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.  It is an exceptionally unique strain because though all its parent strains gain their notoriety for their distinct taste of cookies and sweetness, Wedding Cakes’ taste profile leans to more of a sour and peppery blend with herbal overtones. Its rich smoke taste tart with notes of vanilla cream.

The aesthetic alone makes it a stand-out strain. Its flowers are  multicolored, and its bud is shaped like pine trees. The leaves are greenish-brown and entangled with bright orange pistils. It has a  THC level of 25%, making the Wedding Cake strain extra sticky. This makes it a great sedative for users suffering from anxiety, MS, depression, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. It is also an appetite stimulant for those suffering from loss of appetite due to chemotherapy or other medication. Newcomers looking to enjoy the Wedding Cake cannabis strain should beware of its THC potency and the harshness of the smoke. It can be off-putting to the novice.

Smokers will experience a ‘plugged in’ type high that is intense with an acute-like focus. It is slowly followed by the classic Indica attributes like heaviness and couch-lock. Wedding Cake cerebral effects make it ideal to take on more complex tasks like workouts, art, and even sex before the inevitable heaviness takes over.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 90 × 130 in

50 ($0.79 ea), 100 ($0.59 ea), 128 ($0.59 EA), 1000, 500


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