Grease Monkey 3.5g to 7g Mylar Bag


Collie Culture Excluisve design Grease Monkey strain premium matte mylar bag.
For Grease Monkey Flowers, Concentrates and Edibles.

  • Thick “Soft Touch” Opaque Mylar
  • Child Resistant Zipper.
  • Smell proof, food grade materials.
  • Tamper evident tear notch
  • Heat-sealable
  • Expandable bottom(Gusset)
  • Fits: 1/8 to 1/4
  • Size: 100 × 150mm (approx: 4″×6″)
  • Weight: 5.40g

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was created by Exotic Genetix. They crossed their very own Exotic’s Cookies and Cream hybrid with Gorilla Glue to create something truly special. Many may recall that these are the same breeders that cultivated the infamous Starfighter and Kimbo Kush. Well, they went back to the lab to create the beauty that is the Grease Monkey cannabis strain.

The Grease Monkey’s bud appears to be dense and cone-like in shape. Its leaves are light green with deep orange pistils sandwiched under the very sticky milky trichomes. Trying to break down these solid nugs proves quite difficult and sticky. When they are broken down, the Grease Monkey’s bud releases a peppery, spicy gas scent.  If you are a fan of Girl Scout Cookies, the Grease Monkey cannabis strain mirrors the sweet skunk flavor profile. The smoke is smooth with a kiss of vanilla cream.

The effects of the Grease Monkey strain is that of a slow creeper. At first, the user experiences pressure building behind their eyes and near their temples. In the next moment, this euphoric haze washes over the body, putting it at ease. Though Grease Monkey can provide laser-like focus, its high THC range of 27-30% is still known to induce deep sleep. In its medicinal application, it aids users in insomnia, stress, nausea, and aches.

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