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Mylar Bag

Mylar Bag

As the legalization of cannabis continues, so does the industry’s concern around quality storage and preservation. Cannabis novice and connoisseurs’ ever-evolving demand for more out of their package has distributors faced the challenge of extending the shelf life of cannabis. In cannabis’ humble beginnings, ziplock bags, vacuum sealing, and the classic mason jars for the larger orders were ideal. Though they prolonged and retained the quality of the cannabis, they fell short in many other areas.

Those new demands brought the innovation of the Mylar bags. Custom mylar bags quickly became the best way to store and preserve cannabis goods because of their exceptional barrier protection. They started in the food industry but were adopted by the cannabis industry because mylar bags are lightweight, waterproof, airtight, with a resealable design. Custom mylar bags for weed fulfilled the consumer’s demands for child-resistant, oxidation prevention, anti-light, non-toxic and non-absorbent storage. Most of which cause unwanted reactions to the potency and taste of cannabis buds.

Fast forward, Mylar bags have become the most popular resolution for cannabis storage. As in all things industry, new demands have arisen. Distributors face a new challenge of making their products stand out. That is where Collie Culture comes into play. Our custom print Mylar bags meet the same high-quality demands with premium eye-catching designs whether you are in the market for custom Mylar bags for weed or those interested in the custom mylar bag labels for business.

We are an international online supplier of stock and cannabis packaging. Collie Culture services dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers with weed strain Mylar bags.  And being that our focus is solely within the cannabis industry, it allows us to focus on quality designs and competitive prices.  

Why settle for protection OR presentation when Collie Culture offers both?! With our custom smell-proof Mylar bags, settling is a thing of the past – as it should be! 

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