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Custom Cannabis Mylar Bag New York City

Custom Cannabis Mylar Bag New York City

We heard you were looking for Mylar Bags in New York (NY) and we are so happy you found us. We are Collie Culture and our business is premium custom Mylar bags.

Mylar bags have become one of the most popular cannabis packaging methods because of the bag’s superb barrier protection. This extends the product’s shelf life allowing the product to stay fresh and protected until it’s ready to use. Our high-quality Mylar bags not only offer protection from the outside elements, their child-resistant zipper design, and smell-proof baggie make them perfect for storing cannabis, edibles, concentrate, or joints discreetly.

At Collie Culture, we are committed to providing cannabis packaging that aids growers, sellers, and dispensaries with product presentations. We offer Mylar bags that are more than unique, they let your product stand out and tell a story. Shop an array of popular strain weed baggies or let us help you come up with a custom print that is uniquely you. Our in-house designer allows our customers to enjoy the endless possibilities when it comes to selection in print artwork. Customizable Mylar bags allow you flexibility in your cannabis packaging without the loss of durability. Collie Culture’s weed baggies feature finishes such as soft-touch matte, gloss printing, and holographic.